The Loyalty Program “Bonus Club” of “Dniproavia” Airways is for business and travels, for everything.

It`s simple – your every 11th flight is a bonus one!

Bonus Club is a project based on global customer aviation practice, which considers the expectations of our frequent air travelers. Ease and clarity is the base of the project.

Benefits of “Dniproavia” Bonus Club:

Easy registration: just send SMS-message bonus reg (without the quotes) to the number 799 (for Ukraine) and become a member of the Program. Also the registration online is available – for everyone from anywhere

Mobility: Remain with our mobile service 799. With the help of SMS- messages you can monitor your account and be aware of its updates. Also, you can be the first who finds out about current promotions and sales, new directions and choose the best option for yourself and plan your trip!

Easy to use: Now, you do not need “Frequent Traveller” Cards any more. We have arranged everything and you only need to use your cell phone!

Comfort: For your convenience, we have created a web portal It will allow you to be aware of your bonuses at our “Frequent Traveller” Club, wherever you are.

Questions you may have:

Do I have to fly en one route only?

– Not at all, You can choose any flight that is performed by “Dniproavia”. But you should be aware, that the amount of bonuses to one, or other destination may differ. For detailed information on the calculations of bonuses, please, refer to:

Do I need to pay extra to get the Bonus ticket?

– You`ll have a 100% discount on the ticket tariff, so you will only have to pay domestic state charges and airport taxes.

Is the period of the Bonus Program limited?

– Loyalty Program is established on the permanent basis – neither limits for number of flights, nor time limits for Bonus Trip.


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