Special sanction applied to the PJSC “AC “Dniproavia” in 2013, has been lifted.

“Dniproavia” had been operating under the affect of special sanctions for last 5 month.

Specific sanctions which have been applied to the “Dniproavia” since November 2013, according to the order of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, are lifted.

Tax Notices, which became the basis to seek special sanctions – introduction of individual licensing regime of international business activities – had been recognized by the Court as illegal and were canceled. Nevertheless, the special sanctions had been applying to the “Dniproavia” Airways for 5 months more, which had hampered greatly the economic activities of the Company: performance of daily payments in foreign currency for spare parts and components, airport services and air navigation, fueling, passenger handling. Also, as a result of the abovementioned sanctions customs clearance of the aircraft components was almost blocked.

Special sanctions applied to the “Dniproavia” are lifted by the Order of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, dated 02.04.2014.

Thus, since April 2nd, 2014 the “Dniproavia” recommences its normal operating activities. The lift of sanctions will allow the Company to fulfill its obligations towards partners and passengers in full.

Hereby, the “Dniproavia” Airways is grateful to its Partners for their understanding and patience.

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