Dniproavia resume regular flights Dnipropetrovsk-Kyiv (Zhulyani)

Because of the great interest and convenience of the location of the airport Kiev (Zhulyani), the company management decided to Dniporavia May 11, 2015 to resume regular flights on the route Dnipropetrovsk-Kyiv (Zhulyani).

As the second, by value, Kiev airport, the airport Kiev (Zhulyani) offers opportunities for ordinary travelers and business passengers. The convenient location allows you to save time to travel between the airport and the center of the capital, and the presence of a huge number of international airport airlines will open new horizons for travel.

Flight Dnepropetrovsk – Kiev (Zhulyani) will be performed on a regular schedule 2 times a day excluding saturday and sunday.

Current schedule you can always be viewed on the airline website or in the contact center.

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Service at airport Kiev (Zhulyany)

Passengers flights Z6551, Z6552 and Z6007 are handled at Terminal “A”, and the passengers are handled Z6002 terminal «D».

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Поздравление с Новым годом и Рождеством! (en)


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Special offer from Dnepropetrovsk to Istanbul

Route Price *  
Dnepropetrovsk – Istanbul 2 025.00 UAH Book now

Transportation: from 12 January 2015 till 29 March 2015.
* The price for roundtrip flight. Taxes and fees are included. Seats is limited.

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[Updated 15.12.14] Information about flights

Due the closing of State Aviation Service of Ukraine airports flight zones of
Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia from 21:15 12.12.2014 till 23:59 14.12.2014 (UTC time)
all flights, including the Z6 507/508 Dnepropetrovsk-Istanbul (13 and 14 December), and
Z6 513/514 Dnepropetrovsk-Tbilisi (14 December), moved in time to 15.12.2014.

Updated 15.12.14: State Aviation Service of Ukraine renew closing airport of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov until 12/16/14 08:00 (Kyiv time). Flights of Dniproavia airline moved in time to 12/16/14.

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