«Dniproavia» Airways is the most punctual Ukrainian Airlines of the year 2013

More than 93 % of the «Dniproavia»`s flights from Boryspil and Dnipropetrovs’k were performed according to the schedule.

In 2013 the «Dniproavia» demonstrated the better punctuality among other Ukrainian Airlines: the average punctuality index was 92 %. More than 93% of flights performed ​​from “Dnepropetrovsk” and “Boryspil” Airports (Ukrainian airports from which the “Dniproavia” operates the vast majority of its flights) were performed with a delay less, than 15 minutes. “15-minutes window” is the industry standard for punctuality measuring.

2013 Rating of Punctuality among the Ukrainian Airlines, which operated scheduled flights.

Airlines Flight regularity in 2013





UTair Ukraine



Motor Sich



Air Onix






Wizz Air Ukraine


State Aviation Administration of Ukraine data

The “Domodedovo” Airport of Moscow recognized “Dniproavia” Airways as one of the most punctual:

In the competition «Just in time» within the Spring-Summer 2013” season the Company was recognized “The Best” one in the category “from 9 to 20 flights per week”.

In the comparison with year 2012 the growth of flight regularity in 2013 is 25%. In 2013 the “Dniproavia” restarted to operate scheduled flights independently and had established a reputation as responsible and reliable Company. Punctuality is one of the most important qualities of the Company that’s why, our passengers entrust us with their plans. Every day we are responsible for the on-time flights of more than 700 passengers.

In its everyday care of passengers the Company applies the “Routes’ Expansion Program» and opens new convenient directions. The “Dniproavia” is the only one which operates flights en routes from Moscow, Kiev, Dnipropetrovs’k, Donetsk, and Odessa to Ivano-Frankivs’k, to ski resorts, as well, as from Kiev and Moscow to Sevastopol – right to the CrimeanSouthCoast, bypassing noisy Simferopol.

In 2013 the regularity of departures from the base airport “Dnepropetrovsk”, which served domestic and international flights, was equal to 90.5%.

This is the best result among the Ukrainian airports that depart more than 500 flights per year.

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