“Dniproavia” Airways implements the Gender Equality Policy.

Full balance between male and female parts of the Team was established within the “Dniproavia” Airways in February, 2014.

In particular, there are 202 men and 207 women (full employment) and 24 men and 19 women (part-time employment) among 452 employees of the “Dniproavia”. Thus, at the moment the Team consists of 226 men and 226 women.

Even if the numerical balance is changed, the corporate principles will remain the same: the Company guarantees equal rights of men and women, both while hiring and being in the Team.

In the today’s World, recognition of the equality of self-worth, self-identity of men and women is important no less, than respect for equality of rights between men and women. This is the Gender Equality, how we recognize it also.

In the “Dniproavia”, everyone – regardless of gender, age, race and nationality – can expect for respect and equal working conditions. Moreover, all production processes are carried out by highly qualified personnel of the Company.

“We have respect for you, who you are and appreciate what you’re doing” – is the position of Mr. Oleg Novikov, Chairman of the Board of the PJSC “Dniproavia”.

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