Dniproavia Airways holds a conference devoted to opening of a new flight destination Dnipropetrovsk-Baku

On 28th of April press conference arranged by PJSC “Dniproavia” took place in Baku (Azerbaijan), it was devoted to the starting of a new flight en route Dnipropetrovsk-Baku-Dnipropetrovsk.

The Director on Commercial and Administrative Affairs of Dniproavia airways Sergey Posylayev, the official representative of the airline in Azerbaijan Aziz Aliyev (JSC “Reform”), and also the Deputy Embassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Rustam Rustamov participated in the press conference.

“For a long time Dniproavia aircompany has been receiving offers from the Azerbaidjanian diaspora in Dnipropetrovsk regarding launch of direct service on route Dnipropetrovsk-Baku. Eventually, this year we, despite an economic situation, have made the decision to commence flights” – Sergey Posylayev tells. The first Dniproavia’s flight on Dnipropetrovsk-Baku-Dnipropetrovsk line is planned as of 17th of May 2014.

“Opening flight Dnipropetrovsk-Baku- Dnipropetrovsk is strategically right step at the right time” – Mr Rustam Rustamov states.

According to the data of the Deputy Embassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Rustam Rustamov the main part of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Ukraine is concentrated in the central and eastern part of the country. This is due to broad business and cultural relations between regions. There are also increasing number of students from Azerbaijan who study in the Ukrainian universities. Thus, new flight of Dniproavia will make “a way home” for representatives of diaspora shorter, more convenient and available.

In recent years there is a positive growth of tourist flow between the countries. Thus, on statistical data of immigration service of Ukraine for 2013 number of citizens of Azerbaijan that has visited Ukraine is still 5 times larger, than the Ukrainians who have visited Azerbaijan. Despite long-standing relation between the countries, today Ukrainians reopen up this country. So far, the Republic Azerbaijan located on a joint of Europe and Asia on the coast of the Caspian Sea is the actively developing tourist destination, 9 of 11 climatic zones, burning mountains and curative oil, the fantastic modern architecture, the most beautiful nature and real traditional Azerbaijani Hospitality.

Direct flights from Dnipropetrovsk to Baku are convenient both for people from Dnipropetrovsk region and neighbouring Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kirovograd regions.

Flights en routeDnipropetrovsk – Baku – Dnipropetrovsk will be operated on Saturdays: departure time from Dnipropetrovsk is at 10:15, departure time from Baku is at 15:45. If it is a great demand, flight number will be increased up to 2 times a week introducing a flight on Tuesdays. Flight time is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Round tickets for this flight cost approximately 350$.

Till the end of May the Airline plans to be authorized to operate flights on route Kharkov-Baku, thereafter opening of flights on this direction will be possible in June this year. If there is demand it will be possibly to open flight destinations also from Dnipropetrovsk to regions of Azerbaijan.

The countries of the Caucasus are the traditional direction of cultural, recreational, family tourism, skiing and hiking, wide business and cultural relations between Ukraine and the countries of the Caucasus are established. With the aim of supporting these relations Dniproavia airways has already established regular flight connection between Dnipropetrovsk and the cities of Georgia – Tbilisi and Batumi this year.

Dniproavia Airways thanks news agency “Interfax Azerbaijan” for contributing in the organization of press conference.

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