Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016 – the most awaited event for shoppers of all the world. This day is considered the most important annual sales, since each of the shops and Online supermarkets provide its customers with the maximum discounts on their products and services.

The airline Dniproavia for the first time decided to participate in Black Friday and offer its customers the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discount of up to 10%.

Directions which are take place in the sale:
– Dnepropetrovsk—Kyiv
– Dnepropetrovsk—Lviv
– Dnepropetrovsk—Ivano-Frankivsk
– Kiev—Sofia
– Kiev—Bucharest

You can buy tickets through the Dniproavia Call center or agent network.

Number of seats are limited!
Hurry, November 25, 2016 at midnight, we will open the sale of tickets.

Your airline Dniproavia.
*Offer valid from 25/11/16 00:00 25/11/16 23:59

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Раиса Михеева
2017-10-27 10:54:21
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Раиса Михеева
2017-10-29 19:35:49
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